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1. What is RATING CARE and what does it offer?

Rating Care is an innovative marketing tool which, through its virtual tours, creative videos and panoramas, will make a connection with your guests before they have even arrived. Through RATING CARE you will speed up their decision-making and increase their confidence by offering them a stunning 3D experience which is so real that your future guests will feel as if they are already on vacation!

What they would do during the day is a question your future guests will be asking themselves. The information items that will be integrated into your virtual tours will give them an overall idea of ​​what they could do inside and outside your hotel. Through Rating Care they already know what to expect from you! So they will be able to plan their entire stay easily and in advance.

The additional panoramic photos that RATING CARE will create for you will help build a complete picture of what your hotel offers and will show the customer the surroundings and the sights of the place where you are.

The video tours with an individual scenario that you will offer to your guests before they have even arrived will show the biggest benefits of your hotel. Each video trailer that RATING CARE will make for you can be freely shared across all social networks and on your site as well, so they will help the customer to imagine that it is already there with you.

2.Why should you choose RATING CARE?

With RATING CARE you will create delightful reservations. By immersing in the virtual tours and the emotionally informative video trailers, your guests will know that what they see online is actually what it looks like in reality. With more realistic expectations, guests are more confident, happier and more willing to make a reservation and respectively leave a positive feedback about you, thus enabling you to create even better ratings than other competitive hotels. You will save both time and money by giving them a complete sense of the place where you are, right from their computer or mobile device.

Given the today’s dynamic lifestyle, every customer wants to quickly and easily choose their vacation! The greatest optimization is Google and, of course, Google’s subsidiaries, namely: Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Search Hotels. With Rating Care you will have that too!

Your hotel will be integrated into Google. This will be a virtual tour of your hotel, just the way a customer would walk around it in reality. Integrated directly into Google Maps, Google Search Hotels and Google Street View. This will allow your potential customers to find you on the internet, see your exact location on the map, and “see your hotel inside” before actually visiting you.

RATING CARE is your complete solutionall in one:

– Confidence in your customer when making a reservation.

– Expectations that correspond to reality.

– A fascinating virtual experience of your hotel and its easy finding.

– Presentation Video Trailers, with an individual scenario, showing the greatest benefits of your hotel.

– Panoramic photos of the most remarkable places around your hotel.

3. How will RATING CARE help your business?

Virtual tours integrate into Google, and this in itself attracts attention and represents a guarantee of success. Millions of Internet users use Google daily to search for information. Your presence in Street View provides you with a powerful channel to connect directly with potential customers.

Your business stands out in Google Maps when searching on Google, and your customers find you and reach you easily and quickly using the Google Maps directions.

Including your business in Google Street View is not an expense, but an investment. A virtual tour is hosted on Google’s servers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week … 365 days a year, accessible worldwide. It operates on all types of devices, stationary computers, smartphones and tablets and will automatically be included in future new Google related products.

4. Why do you need RATING CARE?

At present, is your presentation on the internet sufficient for customers to find you, to get intrigued, and for you to make them visit you?

According to a Google survey, 360-degree virtual tours and panoramic photos increase double the interest in a business and the likelihood that customers will actually visit your hotel based on virtual tours is 130% higher. The annual video trailers, with an individual scenario, that RATING CARE shoots for you every year and places on social networks, will add extra traffic to your site. Google’s search engine prefers websites and pages containing videos to those that do not contain such.

Let’s not be fooled that someone will check the second page of the search results, and you need a video every year to be on top of the search. In short, every year your new presentation video will be among the most powerful optimizers of your site. With every new video you make every year, you will develop your business and you will only go one way, up and only up!

There is a thriving tourist business in your area and surroundings, visitors from other cities and countries will look for places to stay, for food, for shopping and for entertainment or recreation. RATING CARE is an excellent solution for every business, it is widespread and it is a matter of time for it to happen to yourself too. You have the opportunity to be among the first, and as we all know, those who win are the first!

5. What is our goal?

To create a partnership that will promote your business for direct sales from your site.

A well-known fact is the commissions each hotel pays to e-commerce sites for travel around the world.

RATING CARE aims to give your customers a clear idea of ​​who you are, to create a virtual reality for your business and bring the customer right to you.

The goal of RATING CARE is creating a traffic that will contribute to direct reservations from your site.

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