Най-често задавани въпроси


1. Can a virtual tour integrate into our site?

Yes, you will receive full information on how this happens!

2. How long does the shooting process last?

The video trailer is normally shot within a single day, for about 7 to 9 hours!

The shooting duration of a virtual tour depends on what your area is.

Example: 1,500 square meters are scanned for 35 minutes! An apartment of 100 squares is scanned for 15 minutes!

3. Who will be the Actors?

In most cases these are your friends or staff! If you wish for professional actors, this is not included in the fee and it will be subject to further discussions.

4. Can we just make a virtual tour?

Yes, of course! Send us an enquiry for an individual offer via the contact form!

5. How is the whole process going?

A contract will be signed and a date of performance will be set, there will be a Video shooting plan, a 3D scanning plan and Appendix 1 attached to the contract! Every action will be synchronized in writing!

6. And what will our scenario be?

The scenario for each Hotel is strictly individual! We create the scenario according to the video shooting plan and Appendix 1 to the contract! According to your priorities and desire, the scenario will be written, which will be different with a captivating start, gently presented emotion of how your future customers will feel when staying with you. Should you have any specific requirements, please describe them in Appendix 1 to the contract!

7. When do we get the whole package?

In 30 business days! We will send you the video trailer for review and approval! Upon your approval, we will send you the whole package!

8. What does Minimal Corrections mean?

Corrections last from 3 to 5 seconds each! If there is a footage that you do not want to be there, we will remove it!

9. When does integration into Google occur?

Immediately before issuing the whole package with all the materials!

10. Can we change the viral tours?

No, once scanned, a virtual tour cannot be changed!

11. What does the annual fee include?

Your active presence in the Matterport platform and your future changes to the information items!

PLEASE SEND AN INQUIRY AT: info.ratingcare@gmail.com
OR CALL: +359 88 8430528

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